I’m not a big fan of giving gifts on set dates like birthdays and holidays. I feel it kind of takes the fun, surprise and spontaneity out of gift giving.

Think about it, the last time you bought a gift for someone was it something you really thought about, had planned and knew they would absolutely love? Or was it more along the lines of something scavenged from the nearest shop in a last minute frenzy because their birthday is not really over until 12:01 AM, right?

I believe it is much more fulfilling on both ends when you are shopping around for something completely unrelated, 4 months out from anyone’s need-to-get-them-something’s day and happen to come across an item that just rings a close friend’s name; when you think, so-and-so would absolutely love this! And when you get around to give it to them (no rush because there’s no deadline), I think it comes from more of a genuine place – you are not giving them something because you are obligated to or will be consumed with an unbearable guilt if you don’t – you’re giving it to them because during your day they were special enough to cross your mind and you found something that would really make theirs.

So I wanted to share a gift I found for a friend when I was actually doing last minute Mother’s Day gift shopping. I think it’s a basic, yet neat idea that you can use your creativity to do a variety of things with.

His and Her Mugs

Black matte mugs are great for customizing with chalk and you can keep playing around with them

For the not-so-morning person

For the passive aggressive

Personally, I love mugs. They make a great gift idea because people will actually use them. You could even fill the mug with smaller goodies (coffee, chocolate… chocolate covered coffee beans) and wrap it all up in tissue paper or cellophane. Get creative!

I’m grateful for giving.